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About Us


We are a small group of concerned residents, who are working to preserve the environmental integrity of Loggerhead Marsh and its outlet stream and riparian zone. Our work has included monitoring the environmental health of the marsh, advocating for its protection during the City’s planning process, and now legally representing the marsh’s interests in front the Ontario Municipal Board. While we are not against responsible development of the adjacent properties, the current proposal needs to be adjusted to provide the wetland’s flora and fauna with more space. Our requests for increased buffers around the marsh are consistent with provincial and local policies. Unfortunately, the developer appears unwilling to change the plans and has appealed the matter to the Ontario Municipal Board. Due to the semi-legal nature of these proceedings, we have retained a lawyer and a municipal planner to represent our group and to ensure that our concerns are appropriately presented at the OMB. In the absence of this representation, it is likely that the developer would prevail and would be allowed to proceed with a poorly conceived out development proposal. We are raising money to pay for a portion of this legal representation, approximately $50,000.

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